Regular Manicure  
Shellac Manicure  
SNS Organic Dipping Powder  

100% Organic, natural look, lightweight, helps your nails grow out stronger by adding vitamins and calcium.

*Add Cuticle Trimming  
*Add Nail Tip Extensions  



Acrylic with Gel Polish  
Pink & White  


Acrylic with Gel Polish  
Pink & White  


Upgrade any Pedicures below to Gel Color (Extra $15)
Regular Pedicure (30 mins)  

Relax and relieve your stress by soaking your feet in peppermint salt soak. Nails are clipped, cleaned, shaped, and filed. Your lower legs and feet the polish of your choice.

*Callus Remove Treatment (+$7): Helps smooth your heel, heals dry and cracked skin.

Special Pedicure (35 mins)  

Includes the Regular Pedicure & Callus Treatment! Also Includes cleansing with Sea Salt scrub of your dry, dead skin lotion, & ice cooling gel to help rejuvenate you're tired, aching feet legs. Complimented with steaming towel wrap. Finished with e beautiful color. Great for that summer and those who are on their feet a lot.

Organic Pedicure (40 mins)  

Feel even better about your pedicure with this all-organic service. Includes mineral salt soak, sea salt scrub, lotion, mineral marine mask to help regenerate & revitalize skin, aromatic warm towels, luxurious foot & lower leg massage, and polish. Stay healthy, feel better!

Luxury Pedicure (50 mins)  

Over-worked feet? Our Luxury Pedicure kit is made of many key ingredients that are beneficial and nutritious to your skin. Sugar scrub, mask, hot towel wrap, and lots of massage with rich cream top help relive your muscles, stress, aches, and headaches. It's sure to leave a spring in your step and a twinkle on your toes!

Pearl Spa Pedicure (60 mins)  

Exotic Beauty Secret from the deep blue seas. Pearl Powder contains over a dozen different minerals and 18 different amino acids. It also has a natural moisturizer cell renewal for youthful and healthy-looking skin. Includes hot stone massage that will help circulate are incredible!

Add Paraffin Wax  

Helps retain the oils that your body naturally produces. Effective in soothing and softening calluses on hands and feet and healing dry, cracked skin, especially on heels.

Add Hot Stone Massage  

Melts away tension eases muscle stiffness, & increases circulation & metabolism.


(For children under 8 years old)
Polish on Hands  
Polish on Toes  
Princess/ Prince Manicure  
Princess/ Prince Pedicure  
Shellac Manicure  
Shellac Pedicure  


Polish Change Hands  
Polish Change Toes  
Nail Buff Shine  
Gel Polish Hands  
Gel Polish Hands with Removal  
Gel Polish Toes  
Gel Polish Toes with Removal  
Gel Matte Top Coat  
French with Service  
Nail Art  
Special Shapes  
Cut Down  
Nail Repair (per nail)  
Take Off  
Take-Off with Service  



Upper Lip  
Full Face  
Eyebrows Tinting  
Eyelashes Tinting  
Lash Tinting Lower  
Lash Lift  
Lash Lift + Tinting  


Under Arms  
Half Arms  
Full Arms  
Half Back  
Full Back  
Half Legs  
Full Legs